Let's Grow a Vegetable Garden

I love my vegetable garden and you can to!

There are so many reasons to start growing your own vegetables and fruits. Maybe you want to save money on your grocery bill or you want to provide fresh organic food for your family. What ever the reason now is the time.

Let’s grow fruits and vegetables...

You’ll find that growing vegetables is fun and addictive. The kids can help and even grow their own vegetables in the garden.

No matter where you live you can grow vegetables. Vegetables grow in containers, raised beds and on roof tops. Anywhere that you have 6 hours of sun you can grow vegetables.

More people are starting to grow vegetables in the garden and becoming aware of where their food comes from. The closer your produce is grown to you the healthier it is.

Vegetable nutrition starts to degrade the moment the produce is picked. Growing vegetables in the back yard or in your community garden is the best way to provide healthy produce for you and the ones you love.

When I was a teenager we moved to a small farming community.  We lived next to my grandparents on two and a half acres. For the first time I can remember we had a large vegetable garden. My father planted apple trees and we all helped weed the garden.

When the beans, corn and tomatoes were ripe, I helped my mother bottle and freeze all that produce. It was a lot of work but I was hooked. I loved planting and watching these plants grow and produce food.

I have been gardening ever since and now you can too!

Why not start with an herb garden?  Herbs add wonderful scents and variety to your garden or the flower beds.

Herbs are easy to grow and fresh herbs add flavor to your favorite dishes. Lots of herbs come back year after year while others are annuals and need to be replanted every spring.

Don’t forget to get the kids involved in gardening. My grandchildren love to explore the vegetable garden. They pick the strawberries and dig fresh carrots out of the ground and don’t forget the peas.

It’s hard to keep kids out of the pea patch. Garden peas fresh from the garden are a real treat. By summer there is always something to harvest. 

So let’s get started... and grow a vegetable garden!

Here are a few things you’ll find as you look for help in the garden.

Garden Planning

Growing vegetables

Winter Gardening

Growing Herbs

Growing Berries