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Everyday-Vegetables, Vol 2-2013
February 11, 2013

February 2013

We have had lots of snow this winter so it was nice to take a week and escape to California and zone 9 where we enjoyed fresh grapefruit and avocados. The winter gardens in California are full of winter vegetables of broccoli, cabbage and fresh greens.

We brought home some oranges and they are the best this time of year. After a cold snap the oranges sweeten up for the best oranges all year.

We may not be able to grow oranges in our neck of the woods but we do enjoy our four seasons and we ready for some warm weather. This time of year we need a little boost and the recipe I am featuring is a healthy spring tonic.

It is full of greens and healthy vitamins and minerals. About this time of year we are craving some fresh veggies.

I have posted a new section to the website. Natural Herbal Remedies is a great section that gives information on using herbs to make remedies that help bring you back to health. I will be adding to this section through out the next few months.

Herbs and greens are packed with vitamins and minerals that when eaten are easily absorbed into our systems. Think about adding an herb section to your garden this spring. I grow oregano, sweet basil, sage and peppermint in my garden and I try a new herb each season.

I dry as much sweet basil as I can grow and use it in spaghetti and creamy tomato soup. Basil provides the added benefit of vitamin K. 1 Tablespoon of dried basil will provide you with 43 percent of your daily intake of vitamin K.

Recipe for the Month

This healthy spring tonic is one of the best nutritional supplements. It is good in the winter when you are craving some fresh vegetables.
Use any greens that are available, spring lettuce mix or herbs from your indoor garden.
Use your favorite juice, pineapple, apple, or orange juice. This drink can be blended in your blender or a vitamix.

Healthy Green Tonic

8 oz of fresh pineapple or unsweetened pineapple, apple, or orange juice.

A small handful of 4 greens of your choice.

    Wheat Grass
    Swiss chard
    Sweet basil
    Barley grass powder
    Spring lettuce mix

Add 8 oz of juice to a blender and add a small handful of 4 greens (will taste better if you keep it to 4). Blend until greens are pulverized. Drain through a strainer.

Return the strained juice to the blender and add honey to taste and any fruit you like, banana, berries etc. Blend.

Drink and enjoy.

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Enjoy and Happy Gardening!

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