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Everyday-Vegetables, Vol 2-2013
March 20, 2013

March 2013

Spring is starting to show and the sun has been shining. Our snow is almost gone and I have started my seeds indoors.

Nothing helps spring fever more than planting something.

I ordered some of my seeds from Park Seed this year. They have been very reliable over the years and I have been really happy with the quality and price. Garden seeds can be purchased online or at your local nursery. Start some perennial flowers with the vegetable seeds and save some money and expand your flower beds along with your vegetable garden.

I start seeds in mid march in case my germination rate is low and I have to start some of the seed again. 8 weeks of growing is about right for planting them outside. In our area we can plant outside at the end of May. In warmer climates plants can be planted out sooner.

tomato plants are always a favorite for the summer garden. Choose several varieties, some for eating, canning and slicing. Growing your own tomato plants makes it possible to explore different varieties. I am trying two new ones this year that grow in cooler climates.

I have a recipe for potting soil for those who what to be adventurous. If you start a lot of seeds this can really be cost effective.

Recipe This Month

Homemade Potting Soil

    3 parts fine peat moss
    3 parts Compost
    1 part vermiculite

Mix all together in a large bowl. Add water to make a lightly moist mixture. Potting soil can be stored in plastic bags until needed for planting.

If you make your own compost this potting soil can be reasonably priced. Sometimes finding potting soil in the stores early in the spring can be difficult so making your own can be the answer.

Cultivating Herbal Friendships

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Enjoy and Happy Gardening!

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