Meet the Person Behind
Everyday Vegetable Garden

I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little about me
and why I have created Everyday Vegetable Garden......

My name is Karen and I love to grow vegetables.

I love to learn new methods and techniques to grow a variety of food in the backyard. Next to growing vegetables I love to cook them.

My mother was from the south and vegetables were slow cooked till they were soft and tasted strong. I didn’t like vegetables when I was little.

I married my husband who grew up in California where his father had a garden all year.

He grew every kind of vegetable and my husband loved them. He taught me to appreciate the subtle flavors of lightly cooked vegetables.

When my children were little the vegetable garden helped stretch the food budget. My children helped weed the garden and pick the vegetables. It was a great learning tool for them.

Now all four of my children have families and gardens of their own and my grandchildren love to visit grandma and help in the vegetable garden.

I love to read gardening books teaching fun ways to improve the garden. The internet is a great tool with the information it provides but I hate when I find a great article that only wets your appetite and then you want to learn more.....

Only to be disappointed.

I wanted to create a site that would teach about vegetable gardening and how to accomplish the task of growing corn, how to cook an artichokes, How to grow a winter garden, or build an affordable greenhouse.

I wanted a place to share the things I have learned over the years of vegetable gardening as well as the new things I am trying.

We recently found our dream home in the Cache Valley of Northern Utah. It sets on half an acre of yard and garden.

I am having so much fun trying new ways to garden ....

and I wanted to share what I have learned.

The site is growing daily... so come back often and enjoy the fun of everyday vegetable gardening.

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