Canning Stewed Tomatoes

Canning stewed tomatoes at home is a great way to add a versatile ingredient to your pantry.

The cost of stewed tomatoes in the store continues to rise.

Making your own stewed tomatoes takes just a few ingredients already available in your vegetable garden.

You’ll be processing stewed tomatoes in a pressure canner due to the peppers and onions in this recipe.

You’ll need the following supplies before you get started;

Pressure Canner

Clean mason jars, quarts or pints

Two piece lids with rings

Bottle lifter

Canning Salt

Fresh tomatoes

Bell peppers



Canning Stewed Tomatoes

For each batch of stewed tomatoes you’ll need;

4 quarts of Fresh Tomatoes about 24 large ones

¼ cup chopped bell pepper

½ cup chopped onions

1 cup chopped celery

1 Tablespoon of sugar

2 teaspoons of salt

1. To peel your tomatoes submerge them in boiling water for 30 to 60 seconds until the skins crack. Remove the tomatoes from the boiling water and submerge the tomatoes into a bowl of cold water.

2. Remove the core from the tomatoes and slip off the skins. Cut the tomatoes into halves or quarters and place them in a large sauce pan for simmering.

3. Add your chopped bell peppers, onions and celery to the pot of peeled tomatoes. Add sugar and salt.

4. Turn on the heat to your stove and bring the tomatoes to a simmer and let them cook for about 10 to 15 minutes until the ingredients are hot and blended.

5. Ladle the hot stewed tomatoes into clean mason jars leaving an inch of head space.

6. Whip off rims of the mason jars with a clean cloth to remove any tomatoes or juice left on the rims. The lids will not seal if any particles are left on the rims.

7. Place lids on the mason jars and add the screw bands and tighten hand tight.

8. Place the bottles of stewed tomatoes into the pressure canner.

Follow the instructions on how to use a pressure canner.

9. Place lid on pressure canner and lock into place. Turn on the heat to your stove. When the steam is releasing from the petcock add your weight of 15 pounds.

If you are using a pressure gauge instead of a weighted gauge, check the altitude adjustment chart for the correct pressure for your altitude.

10. When the correct pressure is reach set the timer for 15 minutes for pints and 20 minutes for quarts. After time is reached turn off the heat and let the pressure comes down naturally.

11. Carefully remove the lid to the canner and lift jars out with a bottle lifter. Place hot bottles onto a clean towel on the counter to cool for 12 to 24 hours. Check bottles for a good seal.

If some bottle do not seal you can refrigerate them and use within a week. Or they may be reprocessed. Remove the lids and clean the rims off and put new lids on and reprocess in the presser canner.

Canning stewed tomatoes at home is a great way to insure your family are getting healthy quality food.

Pressure Canner Altitude Adjustments.

Adjust time according to your altitude. Canning recipe times are based on sea level (1,000) or below.

Altitude in Feet

0 to 1,000
1,001 to 2,000
2,001 to 4,000
4,001 to 6,000
6,001 to 8,000
8,001 to 10,000
Weighted Gauge
Dial Gauge


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