Growing Leeks A
Great Winter Vegetable

Growing leeks is a great vegetable to grow in the early spring or in the fall for a winter harvest.

Because leeks are a hardy vegetable I love to grow these vegetables in the fall.

Leeks planted in the fall will over winter and start growing in the early spring.

Leeks like full sun and moist organic soils.

Leeks can be started indoors before transplanting out side or sown directly into the soil.

New varieties can be grown in a shorter season during the summer months.

King Richard grows to maturity in 75 days can be harvested early or when they reach 1 inches in diameter. Not hardy enough to over winter but will hold up to 20 degrees F.

Dawn Giant grows to maturity in 98 days and can be directly sown in the spring. Harvest in summer into the fall months.

American Flag grows to maturity in 95 days and can be directly sown into the soil in the spring as soon as your soil can be worked.

Hardy varieties of leeks can be started indoors and planted out in the soil in the fall or spring. These varieties take longer to grow so transplanting is recommended.

Bandit matures in 120 days and is winter hardy. Start seeds 8 weeks before setting out into the garden.

Giant Musselburgh matures in 100 days is winter hardy. Have large thick stems and a mild flavor. Start seeds 8 weeks before setting out into the garden.

Planting Leeks

Leeks seeds grow slowly in cool weather so start leeks seeds inside 8 to 12 weeks before planting outside.

When leeks seedlings are 6 to 10 inches tall they are ready to plant to the garden. Growing leeks seedlings are hardy so don’t worry about handling them.

Prepare soil, add compost and smooth out a wide row.

Separate leeks and trim roots to 2 inches if needed. Trim tops.

Drill a hole in the soil about 4 to 6 inches deep. Make holes 4 to 6 inches apart.

Slide a leek into each hole. When the leeks are planted lightly water the leek seedlings. Do not fill the holes with soil around the seedlings. The soil will fill in as you water the leeks over time.

Leeks are heavy feeders and have shallow roots.

Keep the soil moist and add compost tea through out the growing season.

Leeks can be harvested while the leeks are young for salads or when the leeks reach 1 inch in diameter.

Leeks are great in soups and salads. Sautee leeks in butter for a great side dish. Leeks keep for a week in the refrigerator. For longer storage leek can be frozen.

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