Growing Vegetables,
Healthy Way to Feed the Family

Growing vegetables, starting a vegetable garden or learning how to grow vegetables can be a smart choice as you look for ways to provide your family with healthier food choices.

Growing your own vegetables will give you greater variety than you can find at the local grocery store.

Your vegetables will be a fresh and healthy addition to your family’s diet.

Starting a vegetable garden only requires a small space in the yard, but can reap large returns.

Growing vegetables in a small raised garden 4 feet square will grow a variety of lettuce, radishes, onions, cucumbers and spinach through out the summer providing fresh salad.

Lettuce alone costs anywhere from 1.00 to 1.89 a head and the gourmet salad mixes can cost even more depending on where you live.

If you only grew lettuce you would see a substantial savings for your family.

Plant a tomato or summer squash amongst your flowers, add boarders of spinach and red leaf lettuce to create an edible landscape.

Peas, carrots and cabbage love cool weather, plant them first in the spring and again later in September for a second harvest in the fall.

Growing vegetables with your children is a fun and rewarding activity.

My children loved to pick fresh peas out of the garden and eat them raw.

Nothing tastes better than fresh green beans from the garden. I grow blue lake pole beans on a trellis. Trellising makes them easier to pick and conserves space.

Keep them picked while they are young and tender and they well last into the fall.

Have you thought of growing artichokes?

I didn’t, until a friend grew some in Idaho.

I always thought of artichokes as a California vegetable.

I live in northern Utah. But I found some artichoke plants at my local nursery so I gave them a try. I planted them at the same time as the tomatoes. By July we had our first artichoke. The plant continued to produce small chokes.

We stopped counting after 40....

The other two plants started producing later in the summer, but we enjoyed small artichokes all summer long. Yes they were small, but oh so tender and sweet. We now grow them each year.

I love to grow vegetables and you can too…

Follow the links and learn how to grow vegetables and soon you will be supplying your family with fresh healthy food that you grew yourself.

Want to find out about other ways to be self-sufficient? Dave and Barbara, a couple of retired teachers using average tools, built their own straw bale home check it out.

Growing Vegetables

Growing Potatoes in the backyard can be fun and rewarding giving you potato varieties you can't buy.

Grow Celery for its medicinal properties. Add to carrot juice for a nutritious, cleansing drink.

Growing peppers in the backyard is a great way to insure plenty of these nutritious vegetables for cooking and making salsa. 

Growing okra is a warm season crop that is ready to harvest along with your summer squash and tomatoes.

Summer squash grows quickly and is one of the first summer vegetables to grace the table

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