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Healthy Vegetable Recipes
from the Garden

Enjoy healthy vegetable recipes. Some of our favorite summer meals consist of healthy vegetables from our garden.

In August we have such a wide variety of vegetables from the garden to choose from we eat vegetables omelets for breakfast...

Grilled vegetable sandwiches for lunch ... filled with tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles and lettuce.

We finish the day with Foil dinners loaded with fresh garden vegetables. Our family loves foil dinners cooked over the fire pit in the backyard.

Each person makes their own dinner with a wide variety of vegetables.

Vegetables don’t have to be the boring side dish you push to the side. Vegetable cooked right are exciting flavorful foods that deliver healthy nutrients that keep us healthy and trim.

I always wondered why you could gain 5 pounds a week but you could never seem to loose 5 pounds just as easily. Well...

Adding lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet is the answer. It seems it is not how much you eat but what you eat that makes the difference.

Adding a diet rich in vegetables help to control weight, lower cholesterol and blood pressure and gives you a sense of well being.

New magazines featuring healthy recipes are coming to market every year. Vegetarian restaurants are popular as more and more people discover the amazing health properties of vegetables.

Many of the recipes are family favorites; other recipes are created to use vegetables over flowing from the garden. I am not saying vegetarian is the way to go, we all have our limits. We love the flavor of meat in our dishes. but increasing our vegetable and fruit intake can make a big difference in our heath as we grow older. We juice, grill, bake, fry, whip and sauté vegetables and love them all.

I love to share my garden vegetables with neighbors; often I attach a favorite recipe along with the gift. Neighbors always love to receive fresh produce. There are never ending ways to use your garden vegetables...

Follow the links for healthy recipes and come back often as new recipes are added.

Healthy Vegetable Recipes

Here is our family's favorite Stuffed Pepper Recipe. Use your red and green bell peppers from the garden. My husbands Mother gave me this recipe and our kids love it. Try it on your family in the fall when the peppers are overflowing.

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