Easy Homemade Greenhouse

Building a homemade greenhouse can be intimidating if you have never done it before. 

Having a greenhouse can be a great way to start seeds for the garden and save money.

Buying a kit can be the answer to save some money but sometimes that too is out of reach of some budgets.

You can build a simple greenhouse out of tools on hand to save on the cost.

A homemade hoop house can be built according to your needs like making the ceiling tall enough to walk inside of. Follow along as we show you our journey building our hoop house.

We started with 18 metal fence T posts that we had lying around the yard, 18 nylon poles and furring strips.

We arranged the fence T posts at 2.5 feet apart in two rows that were 12 feet wide. This gave us a finished hoop house with a bottom dimension of 20 feet x 12 feet.

My husband and I just drove the fence posts into the ground with a post hole driver at a slight angle. Checking the top nylon pole to see when the angle is right. Place the rest of the poles along at 2.5 feet intervals.

Place the furring strips along the sides and top for supporting the homemade greenhouse. We just attached them with nylon ties and then wrapped with duck tape to protect them from rubbing on the plastic covering.

Place 2x4’s around the frame of the hoop house held in place by 18 inch pieces of rebar 4 on each side and 2 on the front and back.

Build a frame to fits both ends of the hoop house. Knowing a little math helps here. Just measure and build each end can be different. You want a frame that will hold the plastic in place and for a door and back window. The window and door will act as the venting system when the temperature is high.

Once the frame is set up the plastic is ready to be applied. We started with 10 x 25 sheet of polyurethane from the local hardware store. It gave us 1 year before it shredded in the spring. The next year we went for a greenhouse grade from the local farm supply for a cost of $124.00 for a 3 to 4 year life expectancy.

Spread plastic over the frame until it is even on all sides, front and back. Roll the plastic and staple down to the 2x4 frame on both sides. Once the plastic is stapled down the way you want lay a furring strip onto pf the rolled plastic and nail down the furring strip.

One the sides work the plastic folding and tucking where needed. Staple the plastic in place. When the plastic is where you want it place the furring strips over the plastic and nail into place.

We used what we had for this first hoop house. You can use PVC conduit as your spines. Build a frame the size of the weight and length you want. Use iron rebar pounded into the ground around the inside edges of the wooden frame to hold the PVC in place.

The top of the ridgeline down the center of the hoop house is about 6 ft 3 inches which allows us to walk inside. During the winter it is great to be able to walk inside where the temperatures can reach into the 80’s on a sunny winter day.

The finished homemade greenhouse measures 20 x 12 feet which is a good size for the average family.

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