Homemade Tinctures with Glycerin

Homemade tinctures with glycerin are best for children and adults that can’t tolerate alcohol. Use only food grade vegetable glycerin for herbal tinctures. Glycerin tinctures can be made in a few hours so they are quicker to make than alcohol tinctures which require 2 to 3 weeks to make.

Glycerin can break down certain chemical and preservative in the body. Diluted glycerin is soothing and healing to the body. Glycerin undiluted it is very caustic as it draws out moisture.

Glycerin has antiseptic qualities; Glycerin breaks down cells and extracts soluble proteins. Glycerin is diluted with water when used as a menstruum to extract herbal properties.  Use a 60% glycerin and 40% distilled water. If you add 10% alcohol to the solution it will have a longer shelf life and the alcohol extracts oil and fats from the plant materials. 

The three solvents together extract different properties. Combining them makes a very good menstruum.

Use the following ratio;

10% alcohol 50% glycerin and 40% distilled water with an herb to menstruum ratio of 1:8 or 1:10.

For every ounce of dried herb you use 8 to 10 ounces of menstruum.

So for 4 ounces of herbs you will need approximately 40 ounces of liquid. That is a little over a quart and when the herbs are added it will increase in volume.

Homemade Tinctures with Glycerin

Choose a glass jar or container that will hold the mixture and be able to withstand a water bath. Half gallon mason jars work well.

If you are using 40 ounces of liquid you need to multiply the ounces by the percent of alcohol, glycerin and distilled water you need to make 40 ounces of menstruum.

40 x .10 = 4 ounces of alcohol

40 x .50 = 20 ounces of glycerin

40 x .40 = 16 ounces of distilled water

To check your math add together 4+20+16 = 40 ounces

  1. Measure out 4 ounces of herbs
  2. Combine alcohol, glycerin and distilled water
  3. Stir to thoroughly combine the liquids

4. Pour glycerin mixture over the herbs. Stir and than place the two ring lid on the bottle

5. Place into a water bath and fill water level to the rim of the jar

6. Place lid on the pan and bring water to a simmer. When the water begins to boil turn down the heat and light boil for 2 hours.

7. Check water level and fill if needed. After 1 hour take the bottle out and remove the lid and give the herb mixture a stir. Simmer another hour.

8. After 2 hours remove the jar from the water bath and let the jar cool.

9. After the herbs have cool strain the herbs through a cotton cloth.

10. Put disposable gloves and wring out the liquid from the herbs

Bottle the strained liquid into glass bottle with plastic lids for storage.

Combinations of herbs can be combined to make healthy tinctures to use each day as a tonic or nutritional supplement for vitamins and minerals and cough syrups and cold remedies.

Homemade tinctures are taken daily or as needed in doses of ¼ to 1 teaspoon three times a day.

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