Making Compost Tea

Making compost tea is a great way to create your own organic fertilizer for use in your vegetable garden.

Using compost and composted manures gives you an organic fertilizer full of micro nutrients as well as natural nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous.

Compost tea can be made with your homemade compost or bagged commercial compost.

Animal manures such as cow, horse, poultry droppings can be made into a great organic fertilizer tea.

Worm tea another great organic fertilizer is produced when worm castings are mixed with water and molasses.

Keep a bucket of tea on hand for your vegetables, flowers and even your indoor house plants.

This organic fertilizer is easy to use and is slower to uptake in the plants delivering a slow steady supply of nutrients.

What your plants don’t use helps create a healthy soil.

Making Compost Tea

You’ll need ;

1. One five gallon plastic bucket with lid

2. Composted manure or garden compost

3. Water

  • Fill a five gallon bucket one third full of compost.
  • Fill the rest of the bucket with water.
  • Place the lid on the bucket.
  • Place in a shed or the garage, some place out of the sun.
  • Let water and compost solution marinate for 1 to 2 weeks. After two weeks the tea is ready to use for fertilizing your vegetable and flowers.

To use add a cup of compost tea to one gallon of water and stir. Water vegetables and flowers with this diluted solution.

Using a watering can to deliver the fertilizer works really well. For a two gallon watering can add two cups of compost tea and then fill with water. Water your vegetables as usual.

The strength of your tea can vary depending on the manure or compost. Test your solution at one cup to a gallon. Increase solution to two cups to a gallon and water your vegetables. Your plants are a great barometer on how strong your solution needs to be.

Fertilize every few weeks as needed.

As the water goes down in your compost bucket add more water. You’ll know when

You need to add new compost to the bucket. The water will lighten in color.

City dwellers can enjoy making compost tea as well. There are many composted manures available at the local garden store. I like composted poultry manures. Poultry manure has more nitrogen and potassium than other manures and is full of minerals.

My favorite brand is nutri-mulch, it comes in 2 yard bags and cost about $5.00. What I don’t use for compost tea is added to the soil as I plant my vegetables.

Many companies claim that using compost tea as a foliar spray eliminated plant diseases. The proof is still out on these claims and they have not held up in trials.

Making compost tea is a great way of delivering healthy organic fertilizer to your garden and flowers. Healthy plants are the best defenses against insects and diseases.

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