Easy Organic Fertilizer Recipe

An organic fertilizer recipe can be made easily at home using natural products available at the local garden center or feed store.

To keep vegetable plants healthy and growing they need nitrogen phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium with small amount of trace minerals.

Feed meals, rock powders and kelp or greensand are natural produces that can be combined to create homemade organic fertilizer that not only feed plants and trees but enrich the soil of lost nutrients.

These natural produce take organic matter and time to be released into the soil providing a slow steady supply of food to the vegetable and flower garden.

Check with your local feed stores or nurseries for these natural ingredients. Purchasing them in larger bags can save money and provide natural fertilizer for several years. 

Easy Organic Fertilizer Recipe

4 pounds Cottonseed meal or other seed meals

½ pound bone meal

1 pound kelp meal, rock dust or greensand

1 pound gypsum


Combine these ingredients in a clean 5 gallon bucket. This makes it easy to scoop out and apply to the garden. If you do not have a scale to weigh out these powders use the simpler method of measuring which is in parts.

4 parts cottonseed meal

½ part bone meal

1 part kelp meal, rock dust or greensand

1 part gypsum

A part can be any thing you use to measure. A cup, bowl, pan or scoop. So if you were using a large scoop you would measure 4 scoops, ½ scoops and 1 scoop etc. of each ingredient. Using the simpler method allows you to make as much or little as you need depending on the size of device you use to measure out your ingredients.

To apply organic fertilizer, sprinkle about 1 quart of mixture over 100 square feet of garden. Add a layer of compost at least ½ inch deep. This can be hoed into the soil before planting.

For heavy feeding vegetables that finish their growing cycle in 30 to 60 days add more organic fertilizer in 4 weeks to give the vegetables plenty of nutrients during their growing cycle.

Liquid organic fertilizer can be made with water and compost, manure or worm casting. Liquid fertilizer is easy to use on transplants, houseplants and flowers. See how to make some compost tea here

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