German Sauerkraut Recipes

Before I married, preparing a sauerkraut recipes consisted of opening a can warming it up on the stove and topping a hot dog. It was not my favorite way to prepare cabbage.

My husband spent a summer in Switzerland after he graduated from high school and two years in Germany before I met him.

In Switzerland he was introduced to rotkohl, a sweet and sour red cabbage. In Germany he learned the finder points of cooking sauerkraut. Germans make some of the best sauerkraut recipes I have tasted.

Fresh sauerkraut has healthful properties with beneficial bacteria cultures.
Sauerkraut (including liquid) Nutritional value per 142 g (8 oz)

    Calories 27
    Dietary fiber 4 g
    Fat 1.7 g
    Protein 1 g
    Vitamin B6 0.2 mg
    Vitamin C 20.9 mg
    Vitamin K 18.5 mcg
    Iron 2.1 mg
    Sodium 939 mg
    Magnesium18.5 mg
    Phosphorus 28.4 mg
    Potassium 241 mg
    Total Omega-3 fatty acids 46.9 mg
    Total Omega-6 fatty acids 48.3 mg

Use bottled or fresh sauerkraut for the best taste in these recipes. We like Steinfeld's bottled or home made sauerkraut or try fresh sauerkraut from the deli section of your favorite grocery store.

If you prefer a milder flavor rinse your sauerkraut before adding it to the pan. Rinsing your sauerkraut will take some of the salt out. If you like your sauerkraut strong, don’t rinse, just add the bottle straight to the pan with the liquid.

Both of these sauerkraut recipes use juniper berries. Berries from the common juniper can be gathered and used. The mature berries are a blue to purple color while immature berries are green. If juniper berries are not available you can leave them out of the recipe or substitute with capers.

Maggi liquid seasoning is widely used in Germany. Made by nestle it is similar to kitchen bouquet browning sauce. Maggi liquid seasoning is usually sold in the spice isle in some stores.

I have found it in oriental stores as well. Your sauerkraut will not taste the same with out this seasoning so do try to find it.

Sauerkraut Recipes

German Sauerkraut and Bratwursts

    32 oz Jar of Sauerkraut (Store bought or home made)
    4 Strips of bacon
    1 small peeled white potato
    10 juniper berries
    4 whole bay leaves
    1 Tablespoon Maggi liquid seasoning
    4 to 6 bratwursts

1. Gently fry bratwurst in a fry pan on low even heat with lid on, turning until brown on each side. Remove from fry pan and set aside.

2. Add the bacon to the fry pan and cook until crisp. Remove bacon from pan. Save the bacon for something else.

3. Add sauerkraut and reduce heat to medium. Add juniper berries, bay leaves and maggi seasoning. Mix well. Bring to a simmer

4. Peel potato, cut into chunks and add to a blender with one cup of water. Puree potato with water. Pour pureed potato into sauerkraut and stir. It will begin to thicken. Add some water to thin a little.

5. Add bratwurst to sauerkraut and simmer on low for about an 1 hour stirring occasionally while sauerkraut reduces.

6. Remove the bay leaf and juniper berries before serving.

This is nice savory sauerkraut; serve it with salad and some crusty bread. You can make this without the bratwurst and serve as a side dish with your favorite roast.

Sauerkraut with Bacon and Apples

    2-3 Tablespoons of butter
    ¼ to ½ chopped onions
    10 whole juniper berries
    3 bay leaves
    32 oz jar of sauerkraut or 2 pounds of frozen sauerkraut. Rinse with water.
    1 medium Granny Smith apple, peeled and grated
    3 slices of bacon
    1 tablespoon brown sugar
    1 ¾ cup chicken broth

1. In a medium skillet sauté onions with butter over a medium high heat until onion is tender

2. Add sauerkraut, chicken broth, bacon, cooking apples, brown sugar, bay leaves and juniper berries

3. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer. Simmer about 20 minutes until liquid is almost gone

4. Remove the bacon, bay leaf and juniper berries before serving

This recipe has a nice sweet touch with the apples and pares great with roasts and poultry.

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