Simple Vegetable Garden Layout
Your Guide to Planting

Your vegetable garden layout makes planting your vegetable garden easier. I keep my vegetable garden layouts from year to year as a reference for the next spring in my garden journal.

In the winter when the snow is flying I get out my pencil and paper and start to figure out my garden configuration for the coming year.

I start with plotting the size of my garden on paper. I have two vegetable gardens. The smallest is 20’ x 44’ I keep my garden a simple rectangle. The shape of your garden is a personal choice. Have fun with this based on your landscape.

It is best to ornate your rows from east to west. This takes advantage of the sun tracking across the, sky which give the vegetable plants the best sun exposure through out the day.

Plant your tallest vegetables in the farthest north end of the plot so they do not shade smaller plants.

Row widths can vary but the wider you make your rows the less packing down you get when you walk between the rows. Use single or double rows if you’re irrigating the vegetable garden. This insures each plant gets adequate water.

Row widths in your home vegetable garden layout can vary from 12 inches to 30 inches. If you’re watering your garden with sprinklers, a 30 wide row bed is sensible. This is a comfortable distance to step over when weeding and planting the garden.

Wide rows offer ideal spacing for most vegetable plants. You can plant two rows of Green beans or three rows of carrots length wise. You can also plant smaller succession plantings of lettuce and spinach across the rows. Once the vegetable plants are mature they shade the row and decrease weed growth.

12 to 15 inches of path space works well. It provides enough space to walk between the rows but not so wide that weeding your paths becomes a chore. The more growing space you have the more vegetable plants you can grow.

This garden layout is for a 20’ x 44’ garden. They are single rows running north to south.

This is the planted garden from the layout above showing the east side.

Simple Vegetable Garden Layout

The garden layout does not need to be complicated. A simple garden layout will give you the same information when it comes to planting time.

Here is the planted garden from my simple layout

A garden layout helps with plant placement and reminds you where you planted your seeds.

Layouts will help you with your garden rotation from year to year.

I always take a picture of my vegetable garden so I can compare my progress from year to year.

With your garden layout in hand you’re ready to decide which vegetable garden seeds to order for the coming spring.

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